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Introduction & Hype [top]
I don't have an official name for this project yet; for now I'll just call it Personal Library Manager (PLM).

Actually I already have a kind of PLM system in use at home using PostgreSQL with the front-end (the actual application) implemented, or rather hacked together, in perl. I'm not sure its of a releaseable quality though. However it does mean I have a sort of infrastructure, mainly the database itself, to build off of.

The goal here is to produce a more user-friendly, not to mention spiffy looking free library app for the bibliophile. The project will leverage the vast resources of the Library of Congress to make book entry much easier. It will also utilize the resources of Amazon and Barnes and Noble for cover image acquisition. In addition the CueCat scanner by DigitalConvergence/RadioShack offers a novel means of input that can make things easier still.

Changes [top]
21 Aug 2001
The whole design process is going very slowly, esp. since I have a lot on my mind - such as FINDING A JOB! I might end up posting the Perl library hack... er, app that I am currently using...

License [top]
I don't know which license I'll use yet; probably either GPL, QPL or The Artistic License.

21 Aug 2001
the more I learn about the GPL and its background, the more I despise it. There is no way in hell this project will use it.

Screenshots [top]
Nothing yet

Requirements [top]
I know you'll need Java. I'm using v1.3.1 implementations from Sun and IBM for development, along with IBM superfast Jikes compiler.

I'm also using the free PostgreSQL database on the backend.

Disclaimer [top]
Like ResCafé this app will be developed on an Intel/x86 Linux box. I'll try to do some additional testing on Windoze using Cygwin (otherwise I couldn't get anything done on Win).

Installation [top]
Nothing yet.

Known Bugs & Caveats [top]
NO KNOWN BUGS! WOW! (Of course, there is no actual app either but that's beside the point...)

Download [top]
No releases yet.

Acknowledgements [top]
Thanks for stopping by...

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